Would you like to be part of a study to test the effectiveness of cutting-edge hair products?

Centro de Tecnología Capilar is a company with more than 25 years' experience in the hair cosmetics sector. We test products designed for the hair and scalp, to correct hair problems and enhance beauty, conditioning and shine.

All the products we test have a safety certificate and are manufactured according to strict safety standards.


What would volunteering entail?

Using the product or products during the study period and following the guidelines.

Coming to our facilities in Barcelona at Carrer d'Entença 156 (next to Metro L5 and Sants Station) to monitor results using non-invasive techniques such as photography, washing and/or drying hair, opinion surveys, etc.



- Access to cutting-edge hair products from leading brands

- Compensation in the middle of the study and upon completion


Basic requirements

- Of legal age

- Free of dermatological conditions

- Serious commitment to the study

- Signed pledge of commitment


If you’d like to take part, just complete the questionnaire below and we’ll be in touch.


For further information, we’re at +34 93 419 41 21.


* You are free to choose not to take part in a study when contacted by our centre, even if you have been entered in our database.

Participation in evaluation of hair cosmetic products
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